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Do you know what Charles Schwab, Richard Branson, and William Hewlett have in common?


Of course they are all incredibly successful business people but did you know that they are also all dyslexic. Each one of them was able to harness the unique visual-spatial thinking style of dyslexia for their success and develop tools to overcome the barriers that they faced along the way.


Many did not even realize until very late in life that they were dyslexic.


As an employer, you most likely have at least one employee who faces the challenges of dyslexia but who also exhibits some unique strength.

Leveraging the expertise of Mind Over Dyslexia, your business can benefit by improving employee effectiveness and reducing turnover costs.

Perhaps the next great talent is hidden in your business today!

Mind Over Dyslexia can help by:

Providing Literature and Information Sessions About Dyslexia for Management and Employees


With increased education and awareness in the workplace, your business will be better able to manage the challenges and talents associated with dyslexia.

Defining Reasonable Accommodations in the Workplace for Dyslexic Employees


As an employer you have a legal responsibility to provide reasonable accommodations in the workplace for employees who have disclosed the fact that they are dyslexic.

Employee Coping Skills Coaching Sessions


Mind Over Dyslexia can work with employees who face some of the challenges of dyslexia such as time management, organizational and communication skills to develop coping skills for the workplace.

Individual Intensive Training


Mind Over Dyslexia provides one week intensive training sessions for individuals with dyslexia which can lead to positive changes in reading, writing, spelling and task focus. In addition to delivering a renewed sense of self esteem, the program lays a strong foundation for your employee to return to the workplace and continue to apply the tools and strategies for better productivity and life-long learning.

Please contact Mind Over Dyslexia today to discuss how we can help.

Did you know that it is estimated that 1 in 10 children face learning disabilities such as dyslexia in Canada today? Studies also suggest that approximately one-third of the school population are more visual-spatial thinkers.


Mind Over Dyslexia provides programs for school age children and teens, which harness their unique thought processes and learning style to overcome the barriers they face in school.

Mind Over Dyslexia provides consultation for individual students and information seminars for teachers, administrators, parents and the community to:


  • Better understand the thinking style and problems faced by children who are more visual-spatial
  • Identify specific program changes to address their needs
  • Offer suggestions on how to provide support outside of the school

Please contact Mind Over Dyslexia today to discuss how we can help.

For students in your school who have completed one of our programs, through Mind Over Dyslexia, we will at no charge:


  • Meet with the student’s teachers to help them understand the specific student’s needs and tailor classroom work accordingly
  • Assist in the Development of Individual Education Plans (IEP’s)
  • Provide input for Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC) or Annual Reviews

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